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Mona Mur is a German vocalist - born Sabine Bredy in Hamburg to Polish parents, 1960. In 1982 she first collaborated with FM Einheit, Marc Chung, and Alex Hacke, all of Einstürzende Neubauten. As "Mona Mur und die Mieter (the tenants)" they recorded the 12" Jeszcze Polska. This gained National and International attention, taking NME's Single of the Week slot and getting airplay by John Peel. The group decided to disband soon after this release.

Another Mona Mur Incarnation was in Berlin, between 1984 and 1986. Together with members of Einstürzende Neubauten, Stricher and Flucht nach Vorn - organist Nikko Weidemann she played concerts in the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Bremen (with Sonic Youth) and Berlin. career. In 1986 Dieter Meier (Yello) became her producer. Together they hired JJ Burnel and David Greenfield (The Stranglers) and the Album "Mona Mur" was released (RCA 1988).

With Joachim Witt she wrote and recorded two songs called "Casablanca" and "Wild ist die Welt" for a 7". This, according to Mona Mur, was never released. A second album, "Warsaw" (also produced by Dieter Meier) was recorded in Warsaw 1990 with Polish musician/producer Grzegorz Ciechowski (Republika) and the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra. The album was only released in Great Britain in tiny numbers, reputedly appearing once on eBay during the past three years. Mona Mur again claims the album is unreleased. Polish singer Katarzyna Groniec released cover versions of four songs from "Warsaw", making a hit with one of the songs in Poland.

Following this Mona decided to take a break from singing and turned her energy to Taekwondo, achieving the 3rd DAN. She entered the German National Team and became International German Vice Champion twice.

In the 1990s Mona Mur met up with multi-instrumentalist and mediaevalist Christian St.Claire resulting in collaborations. She has also collaborated with Raymond Watts of PIG and with London-based artist Jericho One

In 1996 she founded her company monamur music production, doing music and sound design for computer games ("Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days", (EIDOS 2010), "BALLANCE", ATARI 2004, "SABOTAGE", dtp 2007) and media-art projects, videos and installations by Franz John, Heiko Daxl and Ingeborg Fülepp among others. Three of her tracks are to be found in the soundtrack of Fatih Akin's Movie "Head On /Gegen die Wand" (Golden Bear 2004)

Today, Mona Mur is back to singing and performing, including at the 2006 M'era Luna Festival.

Her recent CD-compilation "Into Your Eye", a retrospective collection of her more than 20 years of work, not only contains the typical 80s punk wave elements of her music and some of the orchestrated Warsaw tracks but also new dark wave songs written and produced with Christian St. Claire.

In 2007 she began collaborating with En Esch (formerly of KMFDM, Pigface, and Slick Idiot) as producer and guitarist for their 2009 collaboration album 120 Tage. The duo are currently performing together in promotion of the release.

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