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This article is about the animated television series. For the book, see Mona the Vampire (book).
Mona the Vampire
"Show Us Your Fangs" DVD cover
Created by Sonia Holleyman
Country of origin Canada
No. of seasons 4
No. of episodes 65
Executive producer(s)
  • Micheline Charest
  • Christian Davin
  • Ronald A.Weinburg
  • Peter Moss
  • David Ferguson
  • Clement Calvet
  • Lesley Taylor
  • Steven Ching
  • Louis Fournier
Running time 20 minutes (Two 10 minute episodes per show)
Production company(s) Fancy Cape Productions
Canal J/TiJi (season 3-4)
Agogo Media (season 4)
Animation Services (season 3)
Original network YTV
Original release September 13, 1999 – 2003

Mona the Vampire is a Canadian animated television series directed by Louis Piché and Jean Caillon. The series is originally based on the short stories created and written by Sonia Holleyman and later written by Hiawyn Oram. It is mainly shown on YTV and CBBC. The series follows the extraordinary adventures of Mona Parker (a.k.a. Mona the Vampire) and her friends as they imagine themselves confronting a new supernatural foe in every episode (however there are always rational explanations for what they see.)

Gorland Paddington, who later created Nickelodeon's The Mohr Family, serves as the lead character designer for the series.


  • Mona Parker ("Mona the Vampire"): The show's main protagonist, Mona is a young girl with a vivid imagination. She believes her hometown is overrun with supernatural monsters and she plans to stop them all and save the town on a daily basis. Her alter ego, Mona the Vampire, has a "vampire sense" which tingles every time something odd happens, similar to Spiderman's "spider-senses". Although Mona's imagination can cause trouble at times, her imagination has proven to save the day more often than not. Sometimes at the end of an episode, they give hints that Mona was telling the truth all along.
  • Fang: Mona's pet cat and sidekick that she ties unreal wings around (probably to make him look like a bat). Fang is her accomplice in the nether realms of her imagination. Most important of all, he is Mona's sounding-board and confidante, always by her side, ready and willing to follow her anywhere, anytime, no questions asked. And the fact that he can't talk back makes him the perfect sidekick. Positively gregarious, he's as keen as Mona when it comes to setting out on adventure.
  • Lenny and Veronica Parker: Mona's loving parents. Veronica Parker is a moral force to be reckoned with, while Lenny Parker is more light-hearted and has an imagination like Mona, and allows her to continue her fantasy life.
  • Charley Bones ("Zapman"): Mona's best friend. He wears glasses, and is an intelligent but scared boy in real life. His alter ego is Zapman, who wears a green costume and is armed with a deadly Zapp-A-Rama Gun (a water pistol in reality). Charley is bullied by George at school, but has stood up to him once or twice. Charley has fallen prey to some of Mona's foes including the Nefarious Computer Virus and a Siren (defeated by Mona, who was cast as Athena in the school production of Odysseus' adventures). Charlie knows a lot about science. Although he, like his friends, has a strong imagination he often needs Mona's help initially to see the "Strange things" suggesting he is slightly more grounded to reality although he is normally convinced unless the plot requires him to be a victim of the villain, when he usually ignores his friends. His hero is a daredevil known as the Man with Nine Lives, who he saves from being killed thanks to the Menacing Mechanical Gremlins. Always ready for action as his alter ego Zapman, Charley is the friend of Mona's most likely to get into as much trouble as she does.
  • Lily Duncan ("Princess Giant"): Mona's second best friend. Before she was a quiet, shy girl who had her hair covering her eyes. She soon became Princess Giant, a braver and stronger version of Lily (a secret identity suggested after Mona expressed the rather boring idea of being 'big' as a characteristic superpower). Lily once fell in love with a cartoon character. She has also been in troubling situations such as when Frankenstein was going to transplant her brain. In an episode involving a werewolf, she refused to be used as bait in a trap for the beast, insisting it was sexist and leading to a reluctant Charley being used instead.
  • Angela Smith: Mona's snobbish rival in the series. Often, Angela boasts about her wealth to her classmates and often enlists George in her schemes to cause problems for Mona. Her parents won the lottery and spoil her rotten.
  • George Jamell (George Dumol in French): A school bully who refers to Mona, Lily, and Charley as "a bunch of babies in Halloween costumes" and picks on Charley most of the time but is not that tough when confronted. He is often seen with Angela. Not only is he a bully, but he's also a tattletale extraordinaire. If there is mischief occurring to which he is not a part of or if students haven't done their homework, George is there to tell Ms. Gotto. George is thick, mean, and like all successful bullies, he has a preference for bullying those smaller than him. Worst of all, his tattling has made him the Principal's pet, so the Principal won't lift a finger to discipline him. That and the fact that he is Principal Shawbly's nephew.
  • Madeleine Gotto: Mona's teacher. She is very stern, yet also has a habit of falling in love easily. She is often exasperated by Mona's strange ideas and arguments for supernatural occurrences which are ordinary events.
  • Ivan Shawbly: The stern principal of St. Faith's Elementary. He has no time for Mona's weird behavior and is quick to discipline her. Mona once suspected him of being a werewolf when he began acting suspiciously (the 'rational' explanation for his odd behavior was that he had bought a dog as a birthday present for his wife and was walking it in remote locations to keep it a secret until Mrs Shawbly's birthday).
  • Officer Halcroft: The chief of local police. He's become used to Mona's antics, and is quick to offer a more rational explanation to Mona's stories, which, ironically, Mona finds rather outlandish and unbelievable.
  • Mayor Rosenbaum: The town's bumbling mayor.
  • Mrs. Bryerson: Mona's elderly neighbor. She has a poodle named Blitzy.
  • Belinda: Mona's babysitter. Mona thinks that she's a robot. In reality, she just knows a lot about robots and is a very nice person, who, on several occasions, helps Mona due to being good at controlling younger kids. She was also misled by Angela (who she also babysits) into believing Mona was a bad person, but quickly learned this was untrue.
  • Lawrence: One of Mona's classmates. He is a minor character.
  • Reverend Gregory: The local reverend.
  • Robin: A new boy in Mona's school who has a nose shaped like a bird's beak and known as "bird boy" by Angela and George, who enjoy insulting him. He can control birds (usually crows) to attack people.
  • Von Kreepsula: Mona's nemesis. He is actually only a comic character who has supposedly had a duel with Mona, who sealed him into the comic book. He appeared twice in the show, once in the second episode when Charley accidentally left his comic book prison in the rain and let the ink run, thus freeing him (although he was "defeated and sealed" by Mona again). The second is in episode twenty-six, when Mona's little cousin took a bite off the book and freeing him again.

Voice cast[edit]


  • Emma Taylor-Isherwood as Mona Parker
  • Justin Bradley as Charley Bones until 2002
  • Evan Smirnow as Charley Bones—replaced Justin Bradley in 2003.
  • Carrie Finlay as Lily Duncan
  • Carole Jeghers as Mrs. Parker
  • Marcel Jeannin as Mr. Parker
  • Tia Caroleo as Angela Smith
  • Oliver Grainger as George Jamell until 2002
  • James Harbour as George Jamell - replaced Oliver Grainger in 2003.
  • Louis Negin as Reverend Gregory
  • Gary Jewell as Officer Halcroft (1999–2002)
  • Richard Dumont as Officer Halcroft (2003)
  • Jennifer Seguin as Miss Gotto
  • Rick Miller as Principal Shawbly (1999–2002)
  • Stephen Spreekmeester as Principal Shawbly (2003)
  • Sonja Ball as Mrs. Bryerson
  • John Stocker as Mayor Rosenbaum
  • Michael Yarmush as Lawrence
  • Holly Gauthier-Frankel as Belinda (2003)
  • Jonathan Koensgen as Robin
  • Ricky Mabe as Morris
  • Al Gravelle as Big Al
  • Jessica Kardos as Additional Voices
  • Michael O'Reilly as Additional Voices
  • Dawn Ford as Additional Voices
  • Mark Trafford as Additional Voices
  • Helen King as Additional Voices
  • John Koensgen as Additional Voices
  • Dennis St. John as Additional Voices
  • David Tyler as Additional Voices
  • Doug Price as Additional Voices
  • Jeremy Zafran as Additional Voices
  • Ellen David as Additional Voices
  • Terence Bowman as Additional Voices
  • Wyatt Bowen as Additional Voices
  • Nadia Verucci as Additional Voices
  • Susan Glover as Additional Voices
  • Gabrielle Lazarovitz as Additional Voices
  • Terrence Scammell as Additional Voices
  • Michelle Heisler as Additional Voices
  • Bruce Dinsmore as Additional Voices
  • Tedd Dillon as Additional Voices


  • Kelly Marot as Mona Parker
  • Caroline Vigier as Lily Duncan (Princesse Invincible) (1999–2002), Additional Voices
  • Zoé Bettan as Lily Duncan (Princesse Invincible) (2003) / Angela Smith (2003)
  • Stéphanie Lafforgue as Charlie Os ou Charlie Genoux, Maman de Mona, Additional Voices
  • Suzanne Sindberg as George Dumol, Mademoiselle Mile Suffy, Additional Voices
  • Bernard Jung as Papa de Mona, Inspecteur Lostus, Additional Voices
  • Thierry Murzeau as Directeur Bonneuil, Révérend Gregory, Maire Rosenbaum, Additional Voices
  • Marjolaine Poulain as Angela Smith (1999–2002), Additional Voices
  • Danièle Hazan as Madame Baterville, Additional Voices


  • Sylvie Nogler as Charley Bones
  • Saskia Weckler as Lily Duncan
  • Angela Quast as Mona Parker



  • Cristina Hernández as Mona Parker (1999–2001)
  • José Antonio Marcías as Charley Bones (1999–2000)


  • Carmen Ambrós as Mona Parker
  • Assumpta Navascués as Charley Bones

Episode list[edit]

Season 1 (1999)[edit]

# Title Summary Air Date
1 Attack of the Living Scarecrow / The Robot Babysitter Angela dares Mona, Charley, and Lily to find a living scarecrow.
Mona thinks her babysitter is really a robot.
2 Von Kreepsula Runs Amok / The Nefarious Computer Virus Charley accidentally lets out Von Kreepsula.
A new CD-ROM is possessing a virus into the minds of everyone in town, and Mona and Lily must find a way to stop the epidemic.
3 The Miserable Phantom Dog / Jurassic Parking Lot Mona and Lily travel to a different universe to find Mrs. Bryerson's missing dog.
Mona creates an artificial intelligent dinosaur called the "Frankensteinasaurus" that she claims will come to life. Angela is so annoyed by this, that she and George try to steal Mona's prized creation.
4 The Whirling Void / There's No Place Like Gnome Mona is convinced that a "whirling void" is stealing people's things.
Mrs. Bryerson's garden gnomes are missing.
5 The Dreaded Human Spider / Night of the Living Mannequin Mona thinks a guest at her school is a bug disguised as a human.
Mona believes that a mannequin has came to life.
6 The X-Change Student / The Red Moon Monsters Mona and Charley are calling extraterrestrials. Somehow, an exchange student in Mona's class makes her think he's one of the extraterrestrials.
Mona attempts to ward off an alien invasion.
7 The Skeleton Cowboy / The Men in Dark Suits Mona is aware that she saw a skeleton cowboy at night, and she and her friends try to find him.
There are men in black in Mona's school, and she believes that they are aliens who brainwash people.
8 The Vampire Hunter / The Sounds of Sirens There's a new girl at Mona's school named Nicole. She is a vampire hunter and befriends Angela. Angela tells Nicole that Mona is an evil vampire and she decides to hunt her and make her lose her powers.
Charley falls in love with a girl named Lucy Lanning. Lily and Mona suspect that she's a siren and that Charley is under her spell.
9 The Book of the Slimy / The Sam and Ella Infiltration Mona takes her journal to school for a "Show and Tell", unfortunately Angela steals it from her and sets many of Mona's old enemies free. They have to get all those nasty little monsters back into the book.
Sam and Ella come to Mona's school as the new cooks, but their real purpose is to contaminate the food with salmonella. Shawbly eats some contaminated food and the gang has to save him.
10 Curse of the Mummy's Tomb / Freaky the Snowman At the museum, the gang sees a mummy they claim to be alive.
Mona recalls building a living snowman that protected her from Angela, and it went into a big freezer. She takes him out, which causes him to wreak havoc in the town.
11 The Dastardly Dr. Voodoo / The Dancing Underpants Ghoulie Miss. Gotto falls in love with a doctor and begins to act very weird, she has a new "look" and a new attitude. Mona discovers that Miss. Gotto's new boyfriend is actually the dastardly Dr. Voodoo, he stole Miss. Gotto's heart and now she is under his evil spell.
At the Laundry, Mrs. Bryerson saw a pair of dancing underpants and everyone thinks that she is crazy, everyone but Mona, Fang, Charley and Lily, now, they have to stop the Dancing Underpants Ghoulie and prove that Mrs. Bryerson isn't crazy. Mona determines that the Dancing Underpants Ghoulie is none other than the old owner of the laundromat, Mr. Clarkson, some fifty years after his demise.
12 Miss Gotto's Haunted House / Cry of the Swamp Thing Miss. Gotto bought a house, but there's something she doesn't know... the house is haunted!
Charley, Lily and Mona hear a strange cry near the swamp, the Reverend also hears it and is trying to take a picture of whatever makes that sound.
13 Spirit of the Woods / The Bogeyman Cometh Mona and the gang go to a school trip to the woods. But strange things begin to happen when Angela takes something that doesn't belongs to her.
Charley's biggest fear, the Bogeyman, is back! Mona and the rest of the gang will have to help him to defeat fear. Soon they discover the cause of the Bogeyman's grumpiness.
14 The Man with 9 Lives / Yak of the Yammering Yam Charley's idol, the Man With Nine Lives, is in town. Unfortunately a very small demon, the Mechanical Mayhem Gremlin, is causing mechanical accidents and Charley's super hero is in danger. Mona tries to find a way to destroy the Gremlin on the Internet, but when she's about to find it the demon damages her computer.
We know that vegetables are evil but now they are twice evil because they are MUTANTS! How will the gang stop them? Should they eat them? Yuck!
15 Small Town / The Devious Doppelgänger The town is completely empty, only Mona, Charley and Lily are left, but where is everyone else? Peering through a basement window one night, Mona spies Mr. Williams bent over a miniature replica of the town complete with little lights, little cars... and little people!
Mona accidentally enters into a mirror and discovers a new world, very similar to ours, but with the difference that good guys are bad and bad guys are good.
16 Creature from the Depths / Mona and the Werewolf When Mona was a little girl she used to have a cute little frog, one day it got lost and so did her vampire towel. Years later, Mona and her parents have problems with their bathroom and they might have to move unless they find what's causing the problem.
Mr. Shawbly has been acting very weird lately, Mona, Lily and Charley believe that he is a werewolf.
17 Garage Sale Genie / Ghouls and Dolls Mona dares Angela to tell a scary story if she wants to be in her club. Angela brings out a bottle of shampoo, she claims has a genie inside.
Mona, Lily and Charley see one of Angela's dolls blink her eye. The gang, because of this, believes that the dolls are alive, so they must figure out what's going on.
18 Flea Circus of Horrors / Shadow of a Doubt Mona takes the idiom "a flea circus in the house" seriously, since the whole Parker family is bitten by fleas. Through her eyes, she sees that the fleas show no care to the Parker family household.
Principal Shawbly is acting weird. He's getting fit in the school track race with his new shoes that make him "feel light". Mona thinks it's because of his shadow, who has run away from him.
19 The Fortune Cookie / Pixies Mona's fortunes are happening after visiting a Chinese restaurant. Mona is determined to avoid her fate and undertakes a mission to avoid it.
Lily has started acting strangely and Mona is convinced it is something to do with pixies.
20 The Billabong Bunyip / The Subhuman Substitutes A new gym opened in Mona's city and the manager is Bruce, a guy from Australia. Everyone, but Mona, Charley and Lily, begins to do exercise at the gym. Mona notices that everyone is very tired, then realizes that the Billabong Bunyip, a creature from Australia, is sucking everyone's energy.
Miss. Gotto is sick and the kids get a substitute teacher. Soon all their teachers are sick too and the kids keep on getting new substitute teachers, but are they twins or what? Every substitute teacher is just like the other. Mona, Charley and Lily discover that the teachers are aliens and now they have to stop them.
21 Cupid's Mark / The Lost Pirates Somehow Cupid and his girlfriend got mad at each other, Cupid is very disappointed and Cupid's cousin, Stu, has to take his place in Valentine's Day, he is a mess and isn't the man for the job. Mona, Charley and Lily have to help him or Valentine's Day will be a complete disaster.
Mona finds a pirate mini-boat. The little pirates, owners of the boat, have to go back to their dimension, first they must find their captain, but where is he? There's only one person that can solve that mystery, Mona.
22 Hex of a Dancer / The Two Magicians Mona's cousin Dotty is ridiculed by her ballet teacher. She believes it is because of a hex around Dotty and the ballet teacher is really a witch.
Angela's pet parrot is believed to be a shape-shifter from Scottish folklore by Mona.
23 Time Shift / Timeout The class goes on a field trip to a figure skating history show. However, Mona believes that the skaters in the show are really the real people and she tries to bring them back to their time periods.
A clocksmith stops time and steals everything he can; annoying Mona, Charley and Lilly, they vow to stop him.
24 Bird Boy / Flower Power Mona believes the ridiculed new kid is really a bird, considering birds are attacking people everywhere.
A mean parkworker steals flowers.
25 Spitting Image / Fourth Dementia Funhouse Mona thinks her mean uncle is really a ghost.
A boy dares Mona, Lilly and Charley to go through a 4-D maze.
26 Brainwash Boogie / Von Kreepsula's Return Angela gave away all her toys? George is nice to people? Lily and Charley don't want to be heroes anymore?! What's going on? The latest pre-teen pop music sensation, the "Brainwaves", are washing everyone's brain with their music, even Mona's brain. Now it is up to Fang to save the day.
Thanks to Mona's little cousin, Melvin, a.k.a. Melvin the Monster, Von Kreepsula escaped from his comic book, again! He is more powerful now and an unexpected hero will defeat him. However, during this episode, Lily does not appear with Mona and Charley in it.

Season 2 (2001)[edit]

# Title Summary Air Date
27 Dr. Java and Mr. Hyde / Miss Dewey's Dismal System A new coffee makes everyone turn into zombies.
Mona can't finish her book report because she is waiting to get a new comic book. However, her extremely mean librarian Ms. Dewey steals their book report and they must get it back before she "eats" it.
28 Polyester Power Suit / The Droll Troll A power suit is making Dad act weird.
Mona thinks a troll is in the basement.
29 Ventrillo-Creeps / Limo to Loserville Mona believes that a dummy is really an evil being.
A limo turns the whole town into losers.
Note: This episode's opening title insists it's actually called "Monster Mobile".
30 The Columbus Triangle / Soccer Sasquatch Objects disappear and strange things happen in Mona's town. Why? Because it is part of the Columbus Triangle!
Mona is convinced her soccer coach is Bigfoot
31 Cyborg Phantas / Kitten of the Sea Mona thinks a cyborg possessed Angela's bodyguard.
Fang runs away after an argument with Mona.
32 Witch Watch / The Hexed Mansion of Agatha Misty Two elderly sisters move into the neighbourhood and soon befriend Mona's parents.
Agatha Misty, a famous horror writer, needs the gang's help to escape from a hexed mansion.
33 Sun Worshippers / Heat Wave A tanning studio is making the town act weird.
It's a very hot day and Mona thinks that a monster is in the ponds.
34 The Ninja's Curse / Hal T. Neander Charley's nunchuks are stolen.
Mona thinks the new kid in her class is really a Neanderthal.
35 Shame on the Shaman / Programmed Pioneers Mona is given a shaman from her uncle.
The Boy Pioneers fad is spreading, but Mona thinks they're bieng controlled!
36 Flu-topia / Chain Letter Miss. Gotto, Angela and Lawrence got the flu and eventually almost everyone gets it too. Mona suspects that a monstrous action figure is causing all this havoc.
On a rainy and dark day Mona got a mysterious chain letter. She has to find where it came from before something terrible happens to her.
37 The Baby Charmer / Monster Trash Mona thinks her aunt's baby turns everyone into babies.
It's almost the end of the garbage strike, and the whole town is covered in garbage. But Mona thinks that somebody is making garbage creatures...that could eat the whole town.
38 The Granite Goliath / Intergalactic Space Campers Mona thinks a huge rock is alive.
Mona and Charley discover a spaceship whilst at space camp.
39 Potato Fish Creepers / It's All Relative A potato craze is spreading.
Mona thinks her aunt is a black widow spider.

Season 3 (2002)[edit]

# Title Summary Air Date
40 The Black Hole / Waxing Nostalgic Leonard thinks the whole town is calling him "boring", and, through Mona's eyes, a black hole has sucked him in.
Mona thinks the wax museum curator is waxing Miss Gotto and Reverend Gregory.
41 Lil' Freddy Frosty / Attack of the Bratty Vamp Pack Mr. Hyde restores an old antique ice cream sign of a Freddy Frosty that he found in the town dump. Mona, Charley and Lily worry that Freddy is responsible for the great volumes of fast food that has gone missing.
Charlie joins a rock band, with a nightmarish agenda.
42 The Transformation of Frank Stein / Taking the Cake Mona and her gang meet Frank Stein, and discover something startling about him.
A jealous guest brings to life the miniature bride and groom cake-toppers at a wedding.
43 Terror in Toon Town / Ghost in the Knight Lily has an obsession with a cartoon and is sucked into her television set.
Mona discovers an old suit of armour, containing a ghoulish inhabitant.
44 All in a Day's Work / Interchange Intrigue Mona discovers how the town really works. It is run by Rudy, a janitor, from his chamber. But it is Rudy's last day.
A disguised ancient Egyptian Pharaoh plans to enslave the town.
45 Toys Are Us / Crazy Crop Circles A local toy factory makes life-size super-toy robots for all the town's children.
There is an alien invasion coming. Mona and the gang must discover who Mr and Mrs Cobb really are, and if they are aliens... plotting to take over the world.
46 Jack out of the Box / The Hair Scare A new kid shows up in the town, Jack. Jack is popping up in the wrong places at the wrong time.
Mona learns of hideous wigs, harbouring aliens that control the brains of anyone who wears them.
47 Mona vs Ms. Marvelous / Spelling Bee Ms Marvelous' cooking and beauty tips are a recipe for disaster, but everybody in town seems to think otherwise.
A honey producer releases a bee invasion to try and help his dim son win a spelling bee.
48 The Horned Horror / The Legend of Caboose Malloy The gang must stop a mythological beast, before it destroys the town.
Mona, Charley and Lily discover the ghost of Caboose Malloy.
49 The Cat Lady's Meow / The Wereclown Mona and friends must stop the town from being taken over by cats.
A wereclown is running amok in the town after several reported sightings.
50 Ghouls Rule! / The Transylvanian Twist Mona's parents sell the Book of the Slimy. She must race to get it back before its evil is released.
A vampire and a lonely werewolf find love.
51 Terminate Her / 18 Holes to Oblivion When Charley's microwave experiment for the science fair somehow turns into a time machine George's the kids get a glimpse at their future! George's old self managed to escape, came back to the present and causes havoc! Will the gang find a way to fix their future and return future George to his time?
When Mona, Lily and Charley decide to work as caddies at the local golf course, Mona's dad is challenged to a golf contest against a very old family enemy that wants to restore his honor.
52 The Case of the Moll Troll / The Alien Magician Mona's new drama teacher has a troll obsession. Mona must free her when she discovers her new teacher is being help captive.
Charlie discovers an asteroid, while a magician tries to use it for a disappearing act.

Season 4 (2003)[edit]

# Title Summary Air Date
53 Ghastly Gargoyle Galore / Monkey Sea, Monkey Do When Mona and her dad see some of their mum's artistic sculptures at home, Mona with Charley and Lily visit the pottery store and must defeat an evil gargoyle king whose plan is to turn the citizens into stone.
When Lily flushes Charley's Mer-monkeys down the drain, the consequences are dire.
54 The Wrath of Thor / The Pied Piper Charley accidentally awakens the Viking god Thor when he removes his statue from the museum.
When Mona, Lily and Charley discover substitute music teacher Mr Piper is an ogre, they realize they have to stop him before he uses his spellbinding clarinet.
55 Horrorscope / The Rescue of Queen Mab There seems to be something diabolically strange about Zelda the fortune teller. When misfortunes occur to everyone who comes around her Mona, Lily and Charley discover that she is a Gemini and may have an evil twin.
Mable, the owner of the local health food store, has gone missing and fairy expert Lily senses big trouble.
56 The Sharkman Goeth / Dr. Purrman's Secret Recipe Mona and her friends discover who is behind the recent shark sightings at the local beach.
When Fang and the other cats in town start behaving strangely and then start disappearing, Mona's investigations lead to the factory where the feline-like Dr Purrman makes his very popular cat food.
57 Atlantis at Last / Invasion of the Shadflies Neptune, god of the seas, discovers the long-lost continent of Atlantis right under Mona's town, and wants to restore it to its former glory.
Mona is suspicious after there is an unseasonably early appearance of shadflies from the swamp behind Mr McCaughllin's house.
58 Gotto Robotto / The Laser Wizard Miss Gotto's bossy older sister substitutes for her, but it turns out there's an evil plot afoot.
59 Bowling Gremlins / The Ghost of Flying Trapeze After the kids encounter a maniacal wizard at the new Laser Dome, everything they imagine starts to come true.
The kids visit a haunted circus.
60 Aliens 1-2-3 / Zapman, Myself and I Charley's opportunity to make a little babysitting money turns into a close encounter with a family of aliens.
Zapman decides to strike out on his own after Mona embarrasses him in the schoolyard.
61 Would You Like Fries with That? / The Haunted School Bus While working in a fast food restaurant for Career's Week, the kids uncover an alien plot to enslave the whole town through an extra-special secret sauce.
When the old school bus is brought back into action George gets a rough ride from the ghost inhabiting it.
62 Nickelodeon Nightmare / Ready Steady Yeti While some say the Seville Theatre is just old and falling apart, Mona knows that it is being haunted by a ghost that escaped from the big screen.
When Mona, Charley, and Lily go on a school skiing trip they encounter a series of mysterious snowy incidents.
63 The Sandman / Von Kreepsula's Day Off Mona and her friends enter a sand sculpture contest and unwittingly awaken the spirit of a mischievous sandman who seems to be bent on putting the whole town to sleep.
Mona leads the kids to a comic book convention where an amnesiac Von Kreepsula is about to fall into the clutches of his enemy.
64 Rockin' Reptile Roundup / The Suck-O-5000 The aging but still phantasmagoric Rockin' Reptiles are on a reunion tour that just might transform the kids' strange-dressing and strange-talking mothers into eerie reptiles.
After suffering through a few weeks without one sighting of a ghost, Mona and company are given cause to suspect that a vacuum cleaner salesman is sucking away ghosts in a super-duper new vacuum cleaner.
65 Medusa's Revenge / The Fearsome Forecasts Mona, Charley and Lily become alarmed when there's a local garter snake population explosion at the same time Penelope is staging a play about the Ancient Greek snake monster Medusa at the local theatre.
When the new weatherman Jonathan Jupiter is able to flawlessly predict the weather, Mona and pals start to wonder if he isn't controlling the latest terrible storms via the flying saucer he insists is just a weather

DVD release[edit]

Direct Source Label, under license to Cookie Jar Group, released two DVDs in 2005 and 2006. These are completely hard to find and are out of print. Mill Creek Entertainment (under license from Cookie Jar Group) released a DVD entitled Show Us Your Fangs in Region 1 on July 23, 2010. They later released the complete first season on DVD in Region 1 on August 17, 2010.[1]


The writing of each episode remains consistent. Something odd happens in the real world, and Mona puts a supernatural explanation to it.

The layout of the program tends to start with an insight of what happened in real life. Then an 'imagination scene' with the children explains the storyline further, and then it switches back to real life to explain even further. This pattern continues, until the story comes to a climax, which is nearly always an 'imagination scene'. Then the denouement is often a real life scene, explaining what happened in reality throughout the episode.

Broadcast details[edit]

  • In Canada, the series originally aired on YTV, and on Radio-Canada in Quebec, with reruns subsequently aired on VRAK.TV.
  • In Australia, the series is currently aired on ABC1 during May 2011. The series originally aired on Nickelodeon from 1999-2004.
  • In the United States, the series originally aired on This TV from September 26, 2011 until October 27, 2013, a month before the This is for Kids block ended due to DHX Media's acquisition of Cookie Jar Entertainment.
  • In the United Kingdom, the series aired on CBBC and Nickelodeon UK.It started being aired on UK freeview channel Pop in 2015.

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