Monaco national rugby union team

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UnionFédération Monégasque de Rugby
Coach(es)Nicolas Bonnet,
Thierry Danthez,
Vincent Romulus
Team kit
First international
 Monaco 8 - 8 Luxembourg 
Largest win
 Monaco 90 - 0 Finland 
Largest defeat
 Cyprus 44 - 5 Monaco 

Monaco national rugby union team has been playing since the 1990s. They currently compete in Division 3D of the European Nations Cup. In October 2013, Monaco ranked 98th out of 103 national teams according to World Rugby.[1]


Monaco made their international debut in July 1996, in a match against Luxembourg, which ended in an 8-all draw. The next match played by Monaco was in April of the following year, when they also recorded their first win, defeating Slovenia 23-17. Monaco then played a number of games in the late 1990s, and then won three games in 2002. However, in 2006, they defeated Slovakia 6 points to nil. Monaco competed in the European qualifying tournament for the 2003 Rugby World Cup.

World Cup record[edit]

World Cup record World Cup Qualification record
Year Round P W D L F A P W D L F A
AustraliaNew Zealand 1987 Declined invitation No qualifying tournament held
United KingdomIrelandFrance 1991 Did not enter Did not enter
South Africa 1995
Wales 1999
Australia 2003 Did not qualify 5 1 0 4 54 84
France 2007 Did not enter Did not enter
New Zealand 2011
England 2015
Japan 2019
Total 0/9 0 0 0 0 0 0 5 1 0 4 54 84

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