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Monad may refer to:


  • Monad (philosophy), a term meaning "unit" used by philosophers to signify a variety of entities from a genus to God
  • Monism, the concept of "one essence" in the metaphysical and theological theory
  • Monad (Gnosticism), the most primal aspect of God in Gnosticism
  • Monadology, a book of philosophy by Gottfried Leibniz in which monads are a basic unit of perceptual reality
  • Monadologia Physica by Immanuel Kant
  • The Cup or Monad, a text in the Corpus Hermetica
  • Great Monad, an older name for the Taijitu symbol

Mathematics and computer science[edit]


  • Monad (music), a single note, in contradistinction to a dyad, triad, tetrad, etc.


Proper names and popular culture[edit]

  • John Monad, title character of the television series John from Cincinnati
  • Monad, a code name for the Windows PowerShell command line interface for Microsoft Windows
  • Monad/Monado, a sword In the videogame Xenoblade Chronicles that allows the user to foresee the future
  • Monad Proxy, a character in the anime series Ergo Proxy
  • Monads, megastructures in the novel The World Inside by Robert Silverberg
  • "Monad's Anthem", the last track of Cat Stevens' 1975 album Numbers

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