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Monal (emblem).png
Developer(s) Anurodh Pokharel
Initial release May 2009 (2009-05)
Written in Cocoa
Operating system iOS, OSX
Available in English
Type Instant messaging client
License BSD licence

Monal is a popular open source instant messaging client for iOS and OSX that supports Google Talk, XMPP and Jingle VOIP.


Originally released as SworIM, combination of the Nepalese word Swor (devnagari स्वर ) meaning voice and IM. with a temporary icon, it was renamed to Monal and given its new icon in early 2010 by Ayush Pokharel. It is named after the Himalayan monal[1] with the intention of adhering to the bird themes of other IM clients such as Adium's duck and Pidgin's pigeon. Along with the new name it adopted the Stockholm theme since the author felt Mac OS X users of Adium would find that familiar.


Monal supports the following protocols:

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