Monalanong Hill

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Monalanong Hill
Monalanong Hill is located in Botswana
Monalanong Hill
Monalanong Hill
Location of Monalanong Hill in Botswana
Highest point
Elevation 1,494 m (4,902 ft)
Coordinates 24°50′27″S 25°39′54″E / 24.84083°S 25.66500°E / -24.84083; 25.66500Coordinates: 24°50′27″S 25°39′54″E / 24.84083°S 25.66500°E / -24.84083; 25.66500
Location Botswana

Monalanong Hill is a mountain often considered the highest point of Botswana, with an altitude derived from SRTM data of 1,494 metres (4,900 feet).

The Otse Hill (at a reported altitude of 1,491 metres - 4,891 feet) or the Tsodilo Hills (at an altitude of about 1,400 metres - 4,593 feet) are also often cited as the highest point in Botswana.[1]


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