Monarch Mountain

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Monarch Mountain
Monarch Mountain is located in British Columbia
Monarch Mountain
Monarch Mountain
Highest point
Elevation3,555 m (11,663 ft) [1]
Prominence2,930 m (9,610 ft) [1]
Isolation71 kilometres (44 mi)
Coordinates51°54′06″N 125°52′30″W / 51.90167°N 125.87500°W / 51.90167; -125.87500Coordinates: 51°54′06″N 125°52′30″W / 51.90167°N 125.87500°W / 51.90167; -125.87500[1]
LocationBritish Columbia, Canada
Parent rangePacific Ranges of the Coast Mountains
Topo mapNTS 92N/13
First ascent1936 by Henry S. Hall Jr. and Hans Fuhrer
Easiest routerock/ice climb

Monarch Mountain is one of the principal summits of the Pacific Ranges subdivision of the Coast Mountains in southern British Columbia. It stands just east of a pass between the Klinaklini River and the south branch of the Atnarko River, which is a tributary of the Bella Coola River. Surrounding Monarch Mountain is the Monarch Icefield, the northernmost of the major icefields of the Pacific Ranges, and just south of it is the Ha-Iltzuk Icefield, which is the largest. Monarch is in the southern end of Tweedsmuir South Provincial Park.

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