Monarchs of Castile family tree

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This as a family tree of the monarchs of the Kingdom of Castile.

Family tree[edit]

Ferdinand I
r. 1037–1065
Sancha of León
Sancho II
r. 1065–1072
Alfonso VI
r. 1072–1109
Constance of Burgundy
r. 1109–1126
Raymond of Burgundy
Alfonso VII
r. 1126–1157
Berengaria of Barcelona
Sancho III
r. 1157–1158
Blanche of Navarre
Alfonso VIII
r. 1158–1214
Eleanor of England
Henry I
r. 1214–1217
r. 1217
Alfonso IX of León
Ferdinand III
r. 1217–1252
Elisabeth of Swabia
Alfonso X
r. 1252–1284
Violant of Aragon
Sancho IV
r. 1284–1295
María de Molina
Ferdinand IV
r. 1295–1312
Constance of Portugal
Alfonso XI
r. 1312–1350
Maria of Portugal
r. 1350–1369
Eleanor of Guzman
Henry II
r. 1369–1379
John I
r. 1379–1390
Henry III
r. 1390–1406
Ferdinand I of Aragon
John II
r. 1406–1454
John II of Aragon
Eleanor of Aragon
Henry IV
r. 1454–1474
Isabella I
r. 1474–1504
Ferdinand V
r. 1475–1504
Eleanor of Portugal
Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor
r. 1504–1555
Philip I
r. 1504–1506
Charles I
r. 1516–1556