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The Monash University Accident Research Centre (MUARC) is a research institute in the injury prevention field. The centre is located at the Clayton Campus of Monash University in Victoria, Australia.

The centre was founded in 1987 in an effort to reduce Victoria's high road toll, but developed an international focus[1] during the period that Ian R. Johnston was manager of the Centre (2001-2007). The MUARC has undertaken several studies to determine whether or not there is public acceptance of advertising campaigns and police enforcement of government road safety policies.[2] [3] .[4][5][6] Although MUARC is primarily known for research on road safety advertising, the Centre's charter includes safety in all modes of transport, occupational safety and health and other aspects of injury prevention.

The centre claims to be the largest injury prevention center in the Southern Hemisphere.[7] Facilities at the Centre's headquarters in Clayton are also promoted as the biggest and most advanced driving simulator in Australia.[8]

MUARC staff are drawn from the academic disciplines of medicine, epidemiology, statistics, engineering, ergonomics, psychology, policy, Asian studies and education. The Centre serves as a postgraduate school offering a Doctor of Philosophy course. MUARC does not admit students at the master's degree or undergraduate degree level.

MUARC is a World Health Organization Collaborating Centre on Violence, Injuries and Disabilities.


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