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Monash University Law Review  
Monash Univ. Law Rev.
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Discipline Law
Language English
Edited by Neal Chandru, Andrew Chong, Siobhan Lane, Freeman Zhong
Publication details
Monash University Publishing
Publication history
Frequency Triannually
ISSN 0311-3140

The Monash University Law Review is a scholarly refereed law journal based at the Monash University Faculty of Law. The journal is managed by an editorial committee of Monash University students who are assisted by two faculty advisors. The editors for 2017 are Neal Chandru, Andrew Chong, Siobhan Lane, and Freeman Zhong.

Editorial alumni[edit]

Editorial alumni of the Monash University Law Review include judges of the Federal Court of Australia and the Supreme Court of Victoria, including the current Chief Justice of Victoria, as well as prominent academics, barristers, and legal practitioners.

Past editors have been:[1]

  • 2016: Zoe-Alexandra Chapman, Anthony Di Gregorio, Evan Ritli, Ailsa Wallace
  • 2015: Jude Hunter, Elysia Longo, Benjamin Nelson, and Katya Udorovic
  • 2014: Alice Godfree, Helena Kanton, Jakub Patela, and Calum Sargeant
  • 2013: Melissa Kennedy, Brooke Smith, and Duncan Wallace
  • 2012: Israel Cowen, Scott Joblin, and Jasmine Kahan
  • 2011: Irene Argeres, Andrew Roe, and Drossos Stamboulakis
  • 2010: Natalia Antolak-Saper, Seona March, and Eleanor Mulholland
  • 2009: Marianna Parry, Eleni Stamboulakis, and Sylvester Urban
  • 2008: Merav Bloch, Cameron Miles, and Albert Ounapuu
  • 2007: Angel Aleksov and Tamar Somasundaram
  • 2006: Helen Conrad, Michael Dunstan, and Lachlan McMurtrie
  • 2005: Patrick Ky and Vidal Vanhoof
  • 2004: Jaclyn Grant and Helen Konstantopoulos
  • 2003: Vicki Donnenberg and Sandra Draganich
  • 2002: Jeremy Leibler and Ronli Sifris
  • 2001: Susan Dowling and Pauline Wilson
  • 2000: Patrick Lau, Premala Thiagarajan, and Ben Ross
  • 1999: Kathryn Bundrock and Michael Rush
  • 1998: Oren Bigos and Kay Wilson
  • 1997: Andrew Hanak and Debra Paver
  • 1996: Andrew Deszcz and Alistair Pound
  • 1995: Glenda Beecher and Marnie Hammond
  • 1994: Julienne Baron and Gregory Bosmans
  • 1993: Elizabeth Adam and Christina Warren
  • 1992: Sweet Ping Phang and Kellech Smith
  • 1991: Daniel Clough, Annemaree McDonough, Sweet Ping Phang, and Kellech Smith
  • 1990: Kate Barrett, David Kreltszheim, Daniel Clough, and Annemaree McDonough
  • 1989: Jonathan Clough, Jennifer Douglas, Hoong Phun Lee, Marilyn Pittard, Kate Barrett, and David Kreltszheim
  • 1988: Kathryn Rees, Natalina Velardi, Graham Thomson, and Eric Windholz
  • 1987: Sharon Arndell, Jennifer Nielsen, Kathryn Rees, and Natalina Velardi
  • 1986: Stuart Brown, Debra Mortimer, Sharon Arndell, and Jennifer Nielsen
  • 1985: Janet Campbell, Susanne Liden, Stuart Brown, and Debra Mortimer
  • 1984: Janet Campbell and Susanne Liden
  • 1983: John Jarrett and Warwick Rothnie
  • 1982: Anne Ferguson, P Murphy, and Ben Potter
  • 1981: Mark Hayes, Wendy Peter, and Chris Spence
  • 1980: Robert Sandler and Brian Simpson
  • 1979: Arie Freiberg
  • 1978: Bob Baxt, C R Williams, B M Young, F A Trindade, and Arie Freiberg
  • 1977: Bob Baxt, Brett M Young, and Arie Freiberg
  • 1975–76: Bob Baxt and C R Williams
  • 1974–75: Bob Baxt


The current sponsors of the journal are the Monash Law School Foundation and law firms Allens, Arnold Bloch Leibler, Herbert Smith Freehills, and King & Wood Mallesons.


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