Monastery of Saint Theodosius

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Monastery of St. Theodosius
St. Theodosius Monastery (9198074875).jpg
Monastery of St. Theodosius
AffiliationGreek Orthodox Church
Locational-Ubeidiya, West Bank, Palestine
Palestine grid1768/1254
Geographic coordinates31°43′16″N 35°16′58″E / 31.72111°N 35.28278°E / 31.72111; 35.28278Coordinates: 31°43′16″N 35°16′58″E / 31.72111°N 35.28278°E / 31.72111; 35.28278

The Monastery of St. Theodosius, Deir Dosi and Deir Ibn Ubeid in Arabic,[1] is the monastery founded around 476 by Saint Theodosius the Cenobiarch and contains his tomb. It is located east of the village of al-Ubeidiya, some 8 kilometres east of Bethlehem, on the road towards Mar Saba (St Sabbas) Monastery, on the West Bank, Palestine.


A cave on the monastery grounds is, according to tradition, the place where the Three Magi took shelter during the first night after delivering their gifts to the newborn Baby Jesus, after an angel had appeared to them and ordered them to return home without reporting Jesus' location to King Herod. This Cave of the Magi is called Metopa in Greek.[2]

The cave was used during the Byzantine period as a cemetery. Important monastic figures of Palestine buried here include several saints, such as John Moschus, buried here by Sophronius of Jerusalem; Saint Sophia, the mother of Saint Sabbas the Sanctified; Saint Theodota, the mother of the Holy Unmercenaries Cosmas and Damian, etc.[3]

Visit to the monastery[edit]

The monastery is closed on Wednesdays and Fridays (the fasting days of the week).


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