Monastery of St. Nicholas Anapausas

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Monastery of St. Nicholas Anapausas
AffiliationEastern Orthodox
Location Greece
Geographic coordinates39°43′26″N 21°37′28″E / 39.72389°N 21.62444°E / 39.72389; 21.62444Coordinates: 39°43′26″N 21°37′28″E / 39.72389°N 21.62444°E / 39.72389; 21.62444

The Monastery of St. Nicholas Anapausas (Greek: Μονή Αγίου Νικολάου Αναπαυσά) is an Eastern Orthodox monastery that is part of the Meteora monastery complex in Thessaly, central Greece.[1] It is situated at the top of a rocky precipice.[2]


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