Monastir Synagogue (Thessaloniki)

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Monastir Synagogue
קהל קדוש מונאסטירליס
Monastir Synagogue.JPG
Exterior of synagogue from street
Basic information
Location 35, Sygrou Street
Greece Thessaloniki, Greece
Affiliation Orthodox Judaism
Year consecrated 1927
Ecclesiastical or organizational status Active
Architectural description
Architect(s) A. Levy
Completed 1927

The Monastir Synagogue (Hebrew: קהל קדוש מונאסטירליס‎‎) is a historic synagogue of the once vibrant Jewish community in Thessaloniki.


The synagogue was built in 1927 by Jews from Monastir in the former Yugoslavia and consecrated by the Chief Rabbi of Thessaloniki, Chaim Raphael Habib.

During World War II, the synagogue was saved by being requisitioned by the Red Cross. In June 1978, the structure of the building was severely damaged by an earthquake. It was restored by the Greek government and today is used primarily during the high holidays.

The synagogue is no longer in regular function. There is a new one shared with the Rabbinate and the offices of the Jewish Community of Thessaloniki at Tsimiki Street downtown. The Jewish museum is also near this new location.

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Coordinates: 40°38′23″N 22°56′31″E / 40.6397°N 22.9419°E / 40.6397; 22.9419