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Monato 201508-09.jpg
Cover of the 2015 August–September issue
Editor-in-Chief Paul Gubbins
Categories Magazine
Frequency Monthly
Publisher Ligue flamande pour l'espéranto
First issue 1979
Country Belgium
Language Esperanto
ISSN 0772-456X

Monato is a monthly magazine produced in Esperanto which carries articles on politics, culture and economics. It is printed in Belgium and distributed to readers in 65 countries. The title simply means "month".

It has 100 correspondents in 45 countries and only prints articles originally written in Esperanto. The year 2015 marks its 36th year of continuous publication.

In style, content and appearance it could be likened to Time Magazine or Newsweek; however, a key difference is that its articles are produced by the residents of the country concerned, rather than by foreign correspondents.


Editor-in-chief returns[edit]


Around the years 1997-1998 two articles shook and upset readers. In the December 1997 issue, a review from Goçalo Neves about the book La Manto was printed in which Neves supposed that Perla Martinelli was the author (La Manto was published under a pseudonym).[1] Martinelli's official denial was published on a page in Monato.[2] William Auld thought that Monato's editorial office should have distanced itself from the review, and because this didn't happen, he resigned. In the last issue, several people interpreted an article by Tyburcjusz Tyblewski as anti-semetic.[3] Tyblewski said that he completely did not intend that,[4] but the text was interpretable in different ways, and many people cancelled their subscriptions. Stefan Maul thought that these kinds of problems wouldn't happen if a second person were still with the editors, who reads every text with fresh eyes before appearing in the magazine. He then proposed himself as editor-in-chief, because meanwhile, he had freed himself from the temporary post in Augsburger Allgemeine. That was acceptable to all the editors, and since January 1999 Monato again had an editor-in-chief.


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