Moncef Belkhayat

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Moncef Belkhayat
Portrait Moncef Belkhayat.JPG
Moncef Belkhayat during a meeting in Rabat, February 2011
Minister of Youth and Sports
Assumed office
29 July 2009
Prime Minister Abbas El Fassi
Preceded by Nawal El Moutawakel
Personal details
Born (1970-01-28) January 28, 1970 (age 47)[1]
Rabat, Morocco[1]
Political party National Rally of Independents
Alma mater ISCAE[1]
Occupation Politician
Religion Islam

Moncef Belkhayat (born 28 January 1970, in Rabat) is a Moroccan politician of the National Rally of Independents party. He served as the Minister of Youth and Sports in Abbas El Fassi's government in 2009.[2]

In 1988, he earned his High school diploma. In 1992, he graduated from the High Institute of Commerce and Business Administration (ISCAE). From 1992 to 1995 he served as a sales Rep for the group Procter & Gamble in Morocco. From 1996 to 1998, he became the regional sales manager of the same company in Saudi Arabia and then development director of Africa and Middle East from 1998 to 2000. In 2000, he joined Meditelecom as Sales Director. He was appointed CEO of the company Atcom subsidiary of since November 2007 after he was refused the CEO title in Meditelecom. He then branched out in entrepreneurship with Dislog.

H&S Invest Holding

Moncef Belkhayat became an entrepreneur in 2005 by founding H&S Invest Holding with an objective of being a "Full Service Provider" covering the entire value chain from import to media buying through distribution, marketing, merchandising and logistics of storage and transport of any consumer good. H&S Holding has actually 16 subsidiaries and 1,600 employees. The Holding achieived 2.8 billion dirhams in revenue in 2015.

Other activities

In 2006, Moncef Belkhayat joined Morocco Culture, the association that organizes the Mawazine Festival, held every year in Rabat. Belkhayat held the position of festival marketing director between 2007 and 2009. In late 2007, he joined the FUS Committee (Fath Union Sport), sports club in Rabat He is currently President of the “Foundation Mohammed VI des champions sportifs” In September 2016, Moncef Belkhayat was elected president of the Association of distributors of consumer products. Following an elective general assembly, professionals in the retail consumer goods sector, such as food, hygiene products, cleaning products or telecommunications have given rise to Association of distributors of consumer products, called "TIJARA 2020"

Political functions

In the reorganization of 29 July 2009, he was appointed Minister of Youth and Sports in El Fassi2 government. He says he was Istiqlal (PI), but when it was offered him to be a minister, he agreed to be the name of the National Rally of Independents (RNI) 8. He held the position until the end of 2011. Moncef Belkhayat is elected member of the National Coalition Political Bureau of Independent (RNI), and chairs the alliance of independent, club economists of the National Rally of Independents (RNI). He is often asked by students of colleges to give lectures both in Morocco and abroad. Rassemblement national des indépendants

Communal Elections and Regional 2015

Moncef Belkhayat appeared list head to municipal and regional elections in 2015 at the urban district Sidi Belyout and the Anfa district in Casablanca for the Casablanca-Settat region Casablanca-Settat . After this election, Moncef Belkhayat was elected to the urban commune of Sidi Belyout and obtained 3 seats behind the candidate of the justice and development Party (Morocco) and the Socialist Union of Popular Forces. He was also elected to the Regional Council of Casablanca-Settat then Vice-President of the region under the chairmanship of Mustapha Bakkoury. Parti de la justice et du développement (Maroc) et l'Union socialiste des forces populaires. Conseil Régional de Casablanca-Settat

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