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City Hall

The Moncton City Council (French: Conseil municipal de Moncton) is the governing body of the City of Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. It consists of a mayor and ten councillors elected to four-year terms. The council is non-partisan with the mayor serving as the chairman, casting a ballot only in cases of a tie vote. There are four wards electing two councillors each with an additional two councillors selected at-large by the general electorate. Day-to-day operation of the city is under the control of a city manager.[1]

Moncton's City Hall is a modern 6 storey building, constructed in 1996

Moncton City Council, 2012–2016

  • Mayor: George H. LeBlanc
  • Dawn Arnold (at-large)
  • Pierre Boudreau (at-large)
  • Shawn Crossman (Ward 1)
  • Paulette Thériault (Ward 1)
  • Merrill Henderson (Ward 2, died 2014)[2]
  • Blair Lawrence (Ward 2, elected 2014 to replace Merrill Henderson)[2]
  • Charles Leger (Ward 2)
  • Brian A. Hicks (Ward 3)
  • Daniel Bourgeois (Ward 3)
  • René (Pepsi) Landry (Ward 4)
  • Paul A. Pellerin (Ward 4)


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