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Former editorsAugustin Habaru
CategoriesPolitical magazine
Cultural magazine
FounderHenri Barbusse
First issue9 June 1928
Final issue1935
Based inParis

Monde was a weekly French international communist magazine.[1] The magazine featured articles about international culture and politics. It was published in Paris, France, from 1928 until 1935,[2] the year of the death of its founder, the writer Henri Barbusse.

History and profile[edit]

The first issue of Monde appeared on 9 June 1928.[3] The magazine was started as an alternative to mainstream communist publications in France.[4] Henri Barbusse was the founder of the magazine which was published on a weekly basis.[4] He also served as the director of the magazine.[3] Augustin Habaru was the first editor-in-chief.[3] The magazine had its headquarters in Paris.[5]

Monde had an editorial board of which the members were elected by the stakeholders of the Societe Anonyme Monde.[3] The magazine published some articles by George Orwell while he was living in Paris including his first article as a professional writer, "La Censure en Angleterre", which appeared on 6 October 1928.[6]


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