Mondeuse blanche

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Mondeuse blanche
Grape (Vitis)
Color of berry skin Blanc
Species Vitis vinifera
Also called see list of synonyms
Origin France
Notable regions Savoy

Mondeuse blanche is a variety of white grape almost exclusively found in and around the Savoy (Savoie) wine region in France.[1] With just 5 hectares (12 acres) of plantations in 1999, it leads a dwindling existence and is used primarily in the VDQS wine Bugey and the AOC Vin de Savoie.

Related grapes[edit]

DNA evidence has shown Mondeuse blanche to be a parent of Syrah (pictured is Syrah).

DNA typing has established that Mondeuse blanche is the mother of the Syrah grape, with Dureza being the father.[1]

Despite their similarity in names, Mondeuse blanche is not closely related to Mondeuse noire, or Mondeuse gris.

Grapes just called Mondeuse are usually Mondeuse noire rather than Mondeuse blanche.

In the 20th century, ampelographers Louis Levadoux and (decades later) Linda Bisson categorized Mondeuse blanche as a member of the Pelorsien eco-geogroup along with Bia blanc, Béclan, Dureza, Exbrayat, Durif, Jacquère, Joubertin, Peloursin, Servanin and Verdesse.[2]


Synonyms include Aigre blanc, Blanc Aigre, Blanche, Blanchette, Couilleri, Dongine, Donjin, Jongin, Jonvin, Molette, Persagne, Savouette.[3]


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