Mondulkiri Protected Forest

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Mondulkiri Protected Forest
IUCN category IV (habitat/species management area)
Map showing the location of Mondulkiri Protected Forest
Map showing the location of Mondulkiri Protected Forest
LocationMondulkiri, Cambodia
Nearest cityMondulkiri
Coordinates12°56′10″N 107°18′18″E / 12.93618114°N 107.30506575°E / 12.93618114; 107.30506575Coordinates: 12°56′10″N 107°18′18″E / 12.93618114°N 107.30506575°E / 12.93618114; 107.30506575
Area3,725 km2 (1,438 sq mi)
Established1999 or 30 July 2002[1]

Mondulkiri Protected Forest is located in eastern Cambodia and covers 3,725 km2 (1,438 sq mi).[2] Itis part of maybe the largest protected area complex in southeast Asia.[3] The north-west part of the Mondulkiri Protected Forest borders Lomphat Wildlife Sanctuary, the south-west part borders Phnom Prich Wildlife Sanctuary, the southeast part borders Phnom Nam Lyr Wildlife Sanctuary and to the east lies Yok Đôn National Park (Vietnam).


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