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Original author(s)Iliya Yordanov[1]
Stable release
3.0 / June 4, 2018; 15 months ago (2018-06-04)[2]
Operating systemmacOS, iOS, Windows, Android
Available inEnglish, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Italian, French, Polish, German, Swedish, Czech, Romanian, Indonesian, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Catalan, Dutch, Turkish, Bulgarian.

MoneyWiz is a money management application that runs on Microsoft Windows, Google's Android, and Apple platforms including iOS and macOS. MoneyWiz is developed by SilverWiz[3] and is the top selling personal finance app outside of the United States as well as a Top 10 Finance App on the U.S. App Store.[1][citation needed] MoneyWiz has received awards and recognition which include being named the Best Finance App out of the Top 500 Must Have Apps by The Telegraph.[4] It was named a Sleek Personal Finance App by Macworld[5] and rated as one of the Top 5 Best New Year's Resolution Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2012.[6]

MoneyWiz tracks income and expenses as well as allowing users to set and track budgets. It has the ability to schedule payments and also create reports based on the information input by the user.[7] The app also has its own syncing platform referred to as "SYNCbits" which syncs a user's information to any device in which the app is installed.[3] MoneyWiz supports twenty languages and is said to comply with the financial system in the countries where the official language is one of the supported ones.[8]

SYNCbits technology[edit]

When the company was founded in 2010, the developers of MoneyWiz were the first to create a cloud sync solution for the kind of data used in databases, as opposed to file cloud sync. The technology is called SYNCbits and is considered to be the most reliable (in terms of uptime, security and performance) cloud sync available in any finance software.[citation needed]

SYNCbits uses backdoor-free 256 bit encryption, meaning that the data is nearly impossible to be decrypted without knowing one's password or security answers.

Online Banking (bank sync)[edit]

MoneyWiz connects to over 16,000 banks in over 51 countries around the world, to allow its users to download & categorize new transactions automatically.[9] While traditional finance apps, such as Mint would only use one data aggregation platform to provide the bank sync, MoneyWiz is the first (and currently only) finance software that uses two data providers simultaneously. That allows it to support more banks in more countries than other finance apps.

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