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Money (financial website)

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FormerlyMoney Magazine
Type of site
Personal finance
Available inEnglish: money.com Spanish: money.com/es/
Founded1972 (as Money Magazine)
Successor(s)Money Group, LLC
HeadquartersSan Juan, Puerto Rico,
Area servedUnited States
OwnerMoney Group, LLC
CEOGreg Powel
IndustryFinancial services, Media
ProductsFinancial calculators, Budgeting Tools, Investment comparison
ServicesPersonal finance advice, News and analysis, Financial product reviews, Educational resources.
Launched2014 (as Money.com)
Current statusActive

Money is an American brand and a personal finance website owned by Money Group  — and formerly a monthly magazine first published by Time Inc. (1972–2018) and later by Meredith Corporation (2018–2019). Its articles cover the gamut of personal finance topics ranging from credit cards, mortgages, insurance, banking and investing to family finance issues like paying for college, credit, career and home improvement. It is well known for its annual list of "America's Best Places to Live".[1]


The first issue of Money magazine was published in October 1972 by Time Inc.[2]

The magazine, along with Fortune, partnered with sister cable network CNN in CNNMoney.com after the discontinuation of the CNNfn business news channel in 2005. In 2014, following Time Inc.'s spin-off from its parent company Time Warner, which also owned CNN, Money launched its website, Money.com.[3]

After Meredith Corporation acquired Time Inc. at the beginning of 2018, Money was put up for sale. In April 2019, Meredith announced the discontinuation of Money's print publication, focusing instead on its digital platform, Money.com.[4] The last print issue was published in June 2019.[5]

In October 2019, Meredith Corporation sold the Money brand and website to Money Group, formerly known as Ad Practitioners LLC,[6] a Puerto Rico-based media and advertising company that operates ConsumersAdvocate.org.[7]

In 2023, Money added Best Cars[8] and Best Hospitals[9] to their roster of flagships, joining their existing Best Places to Live,[10] Best Places to Travel,[11] Best Colleges,[12] and Best Banks[13] annual franchises.

Products and services[edit]

Money's website includes financial news coverage, informational content on credit, loans, insurance, investing, and personal finance, and individual and comparative product and service reviews of companies across those industries.

Money employs an editorial team of financial experts, reporters, journalists, and writers with offices in Puerto Rico and New York.

Legacy and Honors[edit]

Over its 50+ year history, Money Magazine has won numerous awards and honors, including:

Money’s art department has won several awards, including:

  • International Motion Art Awards 11 Winner Animation (2023).
  • American Illustration 42, Selected and Chosen Winner (2023).
  • The Society of Illustrators, Illustrators 64 Exhibit (2022).
  • American Illustration 41, Selected and Chosen Winner (2022).
  • American Illustration 40, Chosen Winner (2021).
  • American Illustration 39, Chosen Winner (2020).

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