Money Boy

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Money Boy
2015-09-03 7345 Money Boy.jpg
Background information
Birth nameSebastian Meisinger
Also known as
  • Why SL Know Plug
  • YSL Know Plug
  • Why SL Beez
  • Mbeezy
Born (1981-06-27) June 27, 1981 (age 39)
Vienna, Austria
OriginRudolfsheim-Fünfhaus, Vienna
Years active2010−present
LabelsSwag City Clique
Associated acts
  • Spinning 9
  • Hustensaft der H....
  • Keewee
  • LGoony
  • Medikamenten Manfred

Money Boy (born June 27, 1981 in Vienna, also known as Mbeezy, interim Why SL Know Plug, YSL Know Plug, Why SL Beezy, born as Sebastian Meisinger) is an Austrian rap-singer. He became famous with his hit Dreh den Swag auf.


Money Boy grew up in the 15th district of Vienna, Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus. By 2008, he studied Journalism and Communication at the University of Vienna. He successfully graduated with the degree Magister philosophiae. His master's thesis was about Gangsta Rap in Germany. Before starting with rap, he played basketball for a long time. He initially wrote his lyrics in English. After his first public title, Ching, Chang, Chung, Money Boy caught attention in late summer 2010 after publishing his cover Version of Soulja Boy's Turn My Swag On, Dreh den Swag auf.[citation needed]

Dreh den Swag auf by Money Boy

In 2014, he gained attention for his appearance in a live show on Swiss TV channel joiz, during which he recommended the recreational use of Heroin and MDMA at parties. Some of the Twitter messages which were contributed by the TV audience, and were read out on live TV by a moderator included ″Take drugs and rape sluts" and "I just took Heroin and I'm having a really good time"; regarding the latter one, the moderator stated that he "did not know if this is meant seriously or just a joke". One of the moderators also alleged that he urinated on the wall of the TV station building during a break.[1] For that performance, Money Boy got an award by German TV station ProSieben. He attended the awarding ceremony, which was broadcast on TV, and recited his acceptance speech as a rap.[2]

In 2015, he performed with members of the Glo Up Dinero Gang at the sold out VideoDays, including an ambiguous statement about recreational drug use at the end of his performance: "Drugs are bad, I confess that shit; but I am high, so I have no problems with it.".[3][note 1]

Glo Up Dinero Gang[edit]

Logo of the Glo Up Dinero Gang

He founded the Glo Up Dinero Gang, a gang that features various artists with a similar style and image; some of the more known artists include Spinning 9. Hustensaft Jüngling (Cough Syrup Youngster) and Medikamenten Manfred (Medication Manfred).[4][5][6]



  • 2013: SWAG
  • 2014: HiTunes
  • 2015: Cash Flow
  • 2016: Alles Ist Designer
  • 2018: Mann unter Feuer
  • 2019: Quick Mart
  • 2019: Geld Motivierte Muzik
  • 2020: Dripolympics
  • 2020: Feed The Skreetz


  • 2013: Trap Haus
  • 2014: Hitunes
  • 2015: Ca$h Flow


  • 2010: X-Mas Time
  • 2011: Dreh den Swag auf (Club Remix)
  • 2013: Swaghetti Yolonese
  • 2013: Yolohafte Swagnachten
  • 2014: Einer Geht Noch
  • 2014: Gay C D.B.n.C.


  1. ^ German original statement: "Drogen sind schlecht, ich gesteh' den shit; aber ich bin high, also habe ich keine Probleme damit."


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