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Money Management International
501(C)(3) Nonprofit
Founded 1997[1]
Founder Terry M. Blaney
Headquarters Sugar Land, Texas, United States[2]
Number of locations
120 (2010)[2]
Services Financial education and counseling
Revenue $86.7 million (2012)[3]
Number of employees
1,030 (2012)[3]

Money Management International (MMI) is a United States network of non-profits that provide consumers with free credit counseling and education.[5][6][7] In about 25 percent of its consultations, it helps consumers develop a debt management or repayment plan.[5] It also hosts workshops, mediates between debtors and lenders, and provides other education and counseling services.[8] MMI is funded primarily by creditors,[6] corporations and public agencies.[citation needed]


Money Management International was founded in 1997 by six financial consulting organizations that were members of the Consumer Credit Consulting Services (CCCS) network[1] and is recognized as the world's largest nonprofit, full-service credit counseling agency in the United States. It has merged with more than 20 CCCS agencies,[1] such as the CCCS of San Diego in 2003[9] and the CCCS of Fort Worth in 2005.[10] MMI still maintains the CCCS name in some states where it operates.[11]

It acquired the accounts of AmeriDebt as part of AmeriDebt's bankruptcy proceedings in 2005.[12] In 2006 it released the microsite,, to promote regifting as a way to reduce spending.[13][14]

It also hosts, which has a 30-day program for users to improve their finances during National Financial Literacy Month in April.[15][16][17]


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