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Jack Wolfskin money belt with zipper.

Money belts are belts with secret compartments, often worn by tourists. One form of money belt is a belt with a pouch attached to the front which is worn under a shirt to protect valuables from thieves and pickpockets.[1]

Another form appears to be an ordinary belt when worn, but contains one or more hidden pockets on the inside, typically closed with a zipper.[2]

Historical money belt from 1800

Items typically placed in a money belt generally include such things as a passport, travel tickets, driver's license, credit cards, cash, and jewellery. A significant problem is that scammers, pickpockets, beggars, and the like, know that the presence of a money belt brings a high likelihood of the bearer being a tourist, and therefore a high-value target, bringing more attention upon the wearer than desirable.

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