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Moneypoint Power Station as seen from County Kerry

Moneypoint power station (Irish: Stáisiúin Chumhachta Ghob na Muine) is Ireland's largest electricity generation station (output 915 MW)[1] and only coal-fired power station.[citation needed] Commissioned between 1985-87,[2] it is located on the River Shannon near Kilrush, County Clare. It was constructed at a cost of more than £700m in one of the largest capital projects in the history of Ireland. The station operates largely on coal, making it both unique in the context of Irish electricity production and the country's single largest emitter of greenhouse gases.[3] It is capable of meeting around 25% of customer demand across the country.[4] It has two Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) storage tanks with a capacity of 50,000 tonnes which can be used as a back-up fuel if required.[2]

Three Brown Boveri four-cylinder, single-shaft impulse reaction turbines are directly connected to three generators which generate the power. The steam is generated by three Foster Wheeler two-pass boilers, which convert water into high pressure steam by combustion of the coal.

The power station chimneys, at 218m, are the tallest free-standing structures in Ireland.


Moneypoint was under construction from 1979 to 1987.[5] Before its construction, Ireland depended heavily on imported oil for its energy.[6] The 1970s sharp increase in oil prices over a short period of time led the government and the Electricity Supply Board to choose coal as a fuel, as it was seen as a plentiful resource with a stable price.[7]

Coordinates: 52°36′25″N 9°25′23″W / 52.607°N 9.423°W / 52.607; -9.423


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Moneypoint powerstation (left)

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