Monga National Park

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Monga National Park
IUCN category II (national park)
Monga National Park.jpg
Eucalyptus forest at Monga National Park
Nearest town or city Braidwood.
Coordinates 35°39′47″S 149°58′16″E / 35.66306°S 149.97111°E / -35.66306; 149.97111Coordinates: 35°39′47″S 149°58′16″E / 35.66306°S 149.97111°E / -35.66306; 149.97111
Established 1 January 2001
Area 251,44 km²
Managing authorities New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service
Official site Monga National Park

Monga National Park is located 230 km south west of Sydney, Australia. The closest town nearby is Braidwood.

Monga features outstanding high altitude eucalyptus forest and cool temperate rainforest.


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