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Mongo may refer to:

In geography[edit]

in Africa
in the United States



  • Mongo people, one of the largest ethnic groups in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Mongo Santamaría (1917–2003), Cuban jazz/salsa percussionist
  • Mongo Beti, pen name of Cameroonian writer Alexandre Biyidi Awala (1932–2001)
  • Mongo, the nickname of Drew Parsons (born 1974), bassist of the American pop punk band American Hi-Fi
  • Mike Mangold (born 1955), American airline and former aerobatics pilot whose US Air Force call sign was "Mongo"
  • Steve McMichael (born 1957), former American football player and professional wrestler whose ring name was "Mongo"
  • Mark LoMonaco (born 1971), American professional wrestler, one of whose ring names is "Mongo Vyle"
  • Mongo (rapper) London based rapper and founder of Hip Hop group Mud Family
  • Mongo, Family nickname for Fidel castro[1]

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