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Mongol Shuudan (Russian: Монгол Шуудан, IPA: [mɐnˈɡoɫ ʂu.uˈdan]) is a rock band formed in Moscow in 1988.

"Монгол Шуудан" means "Mongol Post" in the Mongolian language. This unusual choice is explained by the band vocalist Valeri Skoroded very simply: the band was standing at a bus stop by a Soyuzpechat [Wikidata] booth and their eyes were caught by fancy postage stamps with the exotic words on them.

The group's music is mostly anti-governmental, pro-anarchist in its message, with the group identifying themselves with the Black Guards of the Russian Civil War.

Many of their songs are modernized versions of anarchist civil war songs. Some of their songs include "Commissar," "Chekist," "Freedom or Death," "Sabbath on the Bald Mountain", and so forth. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the group has continued to produce music, much of which is available on their website.

The band has performed over 100 shows and toured Europe, Israel, and all of the Russian Federation.


  • Valeriy Skoroded (Валерий Скородед) – vocal, guitar, all texts
  • Eugeniy Put'makov aka Nicholas Crowen (Евгений Путьмаков) – bass
  • Sergey Kryuchkov (Сергей Крючков) – lead guitar
  • Aleksey Portnov (Алексей Портнов) – drums
  • Gleb Gorshkov (Глеб Горшков) – sound engineering

Among former members are:

Denis Serikov (Денис Сериков) — guitar in 1996—1998


  • 1989 "Паровоз анархия",
  • 1991 "Гуляй поле",
  • 1991 "Бандитский альбом",
  • 1992 "Черемуха",
  • 1993 "Собачья чушь ",
  • 1994 "Гомерический хохот",
  • 1995 "Чересчур",
  • 1996 "Истина",
  • 1997 "ALIVE",
  • 1999 "Абрикосы",
  • 2001 "Дюжинолетие",
  • 2001 "Скатертью дорога",
  • 2002 "Choisis de..",
  • 2002 "Свобода или смерть",
  • 2003 "Жертва",
  • 2004 "Заплати и свободен"
  • 2004 "Сплошь и рядом"
  • 2006 "Вечная мерзлота"
  • 2006 "Собственность—это кража"
  • 2011 "Естественный отбор"
  • 2018 "Инстинкт агрессивности".

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