Mongolian highest radio antenna

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Mongolian higher radio antenna
Ulgii radio TV mast
Straseni TV Mast 8.jpg
Mongolian highest radio antenna
General information
Status Complete
Type radio mast
Location  Mongolia, Ölgii
Coordinates 48°58′06″N 89°58′07″E / 48.96833°N 89.96861°E / 48.96833; 89.96861Coordinates: 48°58′06″N 89°58′07″E / 48.96833°N 89.96861°E / 48.96833; 89.96861
Antenna spire 352.5 m (1,156 ft)

Mongolian highest radio antenna (Mongolian: Өлгий телевиз[1] байшин[2][3]) is a guyed mast, and the tallest structure in Mongolia. This is a radio mast with a height of 352.5 meters.[4]

It is located in Ölgii in the west of Mongolia.[5] The radio tower has mast lights, lit with blue lights. On it radio advertisements and the local time are written in large letters.[6] Date of construction is unknown.

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