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Moni Singh (Bengali: মনি সিংহ; 28 July 1901, Durgapur Upazila, Netrokona – 31 December 1990, Dhaka) was a preeminent Bengali Communist politician popularly known as Comrade Moni Singh. He was the founder of the Communist Party of East Pakistan. Singh operated a guerrilla wing of the Mukti Bahini during the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971 and was an advisor to the Provisional Government of Bangladesh.

Prior to the partition of India in August 1947, Singh was a successful workers' leader who led movements to abolish exploitative labour practices. He was imprisoned for long stretches on three occasions: 1930-37, 1967–69, and 1969–71. He was first elected CP head in 1951, when Bangladesh was part of Pakistan, and led it with one short interruption until his death. After the Sino-Soviet split, Singh took the side of the Soviets. Because of this, the party split in 1966.

His autobiography, Jiban Sangram (1983), was first published in Bengali before| it was translated into English with the title Life is a Struggle (1988) (ISBN 81-7007-081-3).