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Monika Hausammann
Monika Hausammann Portrait.jpg
Born (1974-01-01) 1 January 1974 (age 47)
OccupationWriter and journalist

Monika Hausammann (born 1974 in Bern) is a Swiss writer and journalist.


Monika Hausammann grew up in canton Bern in Switzerland and attended grammar school. Her father, Peter Hausammann, was CEO of Espace Media Groupe.

At the age of 17 she went to Paris and lived there on her own for a year. After a long dry spell, she first financed a classic vocational training and then a degree in business administration at a French private university. 10 years in the private sector followed.

In 2016 she wrote her first book, the political thriller The Minister: No Case for Carl Brun. This was followed by the book Der Fonds in 2017 and the novel Das Attentat in 2019. Her last thriller, Ares, was released in October 2020: No case for Carl Brun, a political thriller about the Swiss secret service. The book was discussed and praised in several newspapers, including the Weltwoche and the Berner Zeitung.[1][2] The German Top Magazine included it in its 6 reading tips for the summer.[3]

Today Hausammann lives in seclusion on a country estate on the French Atlantic coast and, in addition to her novels, writes a monthly column for the liberal authors and debates magazine Schweizer Monat.[4][5] In the July / August she had the cover of the Schweizer Monat Magazin. In June 2021 Hausammann joind the swiss Reihnhardt Verlag Group in Basel.


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