Monika Rost

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Monika Rost
Born 21 February 1943
Nationality German
Occupation Classical guitarist, lutenist, professor and musicologist

Monika Rost (born 21 February 1943)[1][2] is a classical guitarist, lute player and musicologist. She studied with Ursula Peter at the Liszt School of Music Weimar, Germany, and later became Professor and Head of Guitar there herself.[2]

She has performed in many countries, both solo and in a duo with Jürgen Rost,[3] and has made a number of recordings.[4] She has won many first prizes, including the Concours International de la Guitare in Paris (Radio France), "with special honours from the jury".[3]

She taught many successful performers and international guitar competition prize winners in her role at the Liszt School of Music Weimar.[3] Her pupils have included Boyan Karanjuloff,[5] Tomasz Zawierucha,[6] Samuel Klemke[7] and Nora Buschman.


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