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Monique Buzzarte at the 2012 Garden of Memory concert in Oakland

Monique Buzzarté (born in San Pedro, California, United States on August 26, 1960) is a composer, trombonist, and activist who coordinated a worldwide effort on behalf of the International Alliance for Women in Music (IAWM), leading to the admission of women as members of the Vienna Philharmonic in 1997. Buzzarté studied with Stuart Dempster and Ned Meredith, and is certified to teach Pauline Oliveros's deep listening practices. She holds a BA and BMus from the University of Washington and a MMus from the Manhattan School of Music.

Monique Buzzarté is the editor (with Tom Bickley) of the Anthology of Essays on Deep Listening (published May 30, 2012 by Deep Listening Institute, ISBN 9781889471181).


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  • E (and sometimes, why) If, Bwana with/and/by Trio Scordatura (2012, Pogus 21062-2)
  • 16 LIVE/CICADA #3 If, Bwana (2011, Bastet's Kitten BK001)
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  • Noah Creshevsky: To Know and Not to Know (2007, Tzadik 8036)
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  • John Cage: The Number Pieces 2 - Arditti Quartart (1991, Mode 75)

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