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Monitor or monitor may refer to:


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  • Monitor (synchronization), an approach to synchronize two or more computer tasks that use a shared resource
  • Computer monitor, an output device that displays information in pictorial form
  • In-ear monitors, earpieces for performers on stage or in a studio
  • Machine code monitor, program allowing users to view or change memory locations on a computer
  • Resident monitor, an early primitive operating system
  • Stage monitors or foldback (sound engineering), loudspeakers for performers on stage
  • Studio monitor, professional grade loudspeaker designed specifically for audio production and engineering
  • System monitor, a hardware or software component used to monitor system resources and performance in a computer system
  • Virtual machine monitor, or hypervisor, is a software that creates and runs virtual machines, allowing multiple operating system images to run simultaneously on a single piece of hardware
  • Firefox Monitor, email monitoring application (see Firefox version history)



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