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Monk & Canatella is an indie/breakbeat musical group from Bristol, England, formed by Simon Russell born in 1973 and Jim Johnston (born 1975) in the mid-nineties. Their 1996 album on Cup Of Tea Records, Care in the Community, is a prime example of the trip-hop sound.

The band later moved to Telstar and released a second album Do Community Service in 2000. The artwork for this album was an early collaboration with the Bristol born graffiti artist Banksy.[1] The band parted company with the label shortly afterwards. The band is still producing music.

The band released the single "Straighthead" on YouTube on December 23, 2007.

Trip-hop band Portishead included a track titled "A Tribute to Monk and Canatella" on their 1994 CD single "Numb", a year before Monk & Canatella's first release.



EPs and Singles:

  • Fly Fishing - EP - Cup of Tea Records (1995)
  • I Can Water my Plants - Single - Cup of Tea Records (1996)
  • Who's Who - EP - Cup of Tea Records (1997)
  • Son 4.5.98 - Single - Telstar Records (1998)
  • Enter the Monk - EP - Telstar Records (1999)
  • Slagger - Single - Telstar Records (2000)


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