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Monkey Business is a yacht frequently docked in South Florida at the Turnberry Isle Resort Marina. Monkey Business was an 83-foot Broward motor yacht custom built and owned by the developers of the luxury resort. Famous guests included Elton John, Elizabeth Taylor, Jack Nicholson, Julio Iglesias, Jason Luetke and others. The owner-of-record, Eddie Lewis, was in the process of selling it at the time and later replaced it with a larger boat of the same name.

Gary Hart incident[edit]

The ship was used by USA senator Gary Hart during his campaign for President of the United States in 1987. Around the time that Hart challenged the press to provide evidence of his infidelities, reporters for the Miami Herald, in a controversial move, staked out Hart's townhouse around the clock, and finally spotted the Senator with Miami model Donna Rice.[1] The ensuing report sent the media into frenzy, and within days photos of Hart and Rice on the opulent yacht were flooding international media, and consequently his shot at the presidency had sunk.[2]


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