Monkey King vs. Er Lang Shen

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Monkey King vs. Er Lang Shen
Monkey King vs. Er Lang Shen.jpg
Directed by Liang Hansen
Produced by Liang Hansen
Zhou Meiling
Release dates
Country China
Language Mandarin
Budget US$ 1 million

Monkey King vs. Er Lang Shen (Chinese: 孙悟空大战二郎神) is a CG Chinese animated film produced by Yuan Cheng. The story is based on an episode of the novel Journey to the West.


The film features puppet live action, about 30% of the movie, with animated 3D backgrounds and characters.


Based on a few early chapters of classic fantasy novel Journey to the West, the story tells how the Monkey King rises against the heaven and has a horrific fight with Er Lang Shen, the nephew of Jade Emperor, who rules the Heaven.


It was nominated for the Asia Pacific Screen Award for Best Animated Feature Film at the 1st Asia Pacific Screen Awards.[1]

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