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On 2 May 2003 local newspapers in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England, published a story about mysterious "caped crusader" who appeared to be a real-life superhero. He was wearing a monkey mask and a cape, and had a large brown "O" emblazoned on his chest. He helped old ladies to cross the road, escorted people home from a pub, and saved people from harassing youths.

British media had a field day and even international news organizations got interested. The would-be-superhero was also mentioned on Have I Got News For You.

On 16 May 2003 the superhero was revealed to be a hoax, created by B3ta member "ccc" (Chris Shaw). He gives the details of his hoax in this interview, and admits that there never was a "Monkeyman" performing good deeds.

In a BBC interview, he reveals that the "O" on his chest was, in fact, a 'zero' meaning nothing at all.

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