Monmouth Mountain

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Monmouth Mountain
Monmouth Mountain is located in British Columbia
Monmouth Mountain
Monmouth Mountain
British Columbia, Canada
Highest point
Elevation 3,182 m (10,440 ft) [1]
Prominence 1,602 m (5,256 ft) [1]
Coordinates 50°59′30″N 123°47′24″W / 50.99167°N 123.79000°W / 50.99167; -123.79000Coordinates: 50°59′30″N 123°47′24″W / 50.99167°N 123.79000°W / 50.99167; -123.79000[1]
Location British Columbia, Canada
Parent range Chilcotin Ranges
Topo map NTS 92J/13
First ascent 1951 by A. Melville, I. Kay, N. Carter, T. Marston, D. Blair, W. Sparling, H. Genschorek
Easiest route rock/ice climb

Monmouth Mountain, commonly known as Mount Monmouth is one of the principal summits of the Pacific Ranges of the Coast Mountains of southern British Columbia. At 3,182 m (10,440 ft), it is the highest summit of the Chilcotin Ranges. It stands just north of the Lillooet Icecap between the heads of Chilko Lake and the Taseko Lakes. West of Chilko Lake's south arm is Mount Good Hope 3,242 m (10,636 ft) and, beyond it, the massif surrounding Mount Queen Bess 3,298 m (10,820 ft), which is the highest summit east of the Homathko River.

The namesake of this peak was HMS Monmouth, an aging British battleship which was sunk at the Battle of Coronel in 1914 along with HMS Good Hope (for which Good Hope Mountain is named) off the coast of South America by German cruisers under Admiral Von Spee.

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