Aerocopter Sarus

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Sarus and Kestrel
Role experimental "proof-of-concept" vehicle
Manufacturer AeroCopter Inc.
Designer Siamak Yassini and George Syrovy
First flight TBD
Status under development
Primary user Commercial

Pioneering the third generation of airborne transportation, AeroCopter Inc. is a new venture backed by YAS Ventures LLC and two Entrepreneurs Siamak Yassini and George Syrovy. AeroCopter is dedicated to the development of a revolutionary, best-in-class, scalable Counter-Rotating Mono-Tilt-Rotor (MTR) aircraft system with Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) capabilities, with patented technology that is accessible and affordable to the Commercial Personal Air Vehicle (PAV) Sarus, Civil and Military Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) Kestrel, and Very Light Jet (VLJ) markets. It differs from previous tiltrotors in that instead of each rotor consisting of long blades attached to a central rotary ring, it has a single rotary ring which has a diameter equal to the entire wingspan of the aircraft, with the ring being attached to the tips of the wings. Small blades are attached to the outside of the ring. After vertical takeoff, the ring tilts from horizontal to vertical and the craft switches to flight mode with the fuselage of the aircraft being in the center of the ring.

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