Monobaz I

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Monobaz I (also known as Bazeus or Monobazus) was king of the neo Assyrian Parthian client state of Adiabene in the 20s and 30s of the 1st century CE. He was the husband (and brother) of Queen Helena of Adiabene.[1] With Helena he fathered Izates bar Monobaz and Monobaz II.

Monobaz II, the son of Monobaz I, is quoted in the Talmud in an account where in he was being criticized for not amassing as much wealth as his forefathers had. His response was this: "My fathers stored up below and I am storing up above... My fathers stored in a place which can be tampered with, but I have stored in a place which cannot be tampered with… My fathers gathered treasures of money and I have gathered treasures of souls."(b. Baba Batra 11a).


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