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The following Confederate States Army units and commanders fought in Maryland's Frederick County Battle of Monocacy on July 9, 1864, during the American Civil War. The Union order of battle is shown separately.

Abbreviations used[edit]

Military rank[edit]


  • w = wounded
  • mw = mortally wounded
  • k = killed

Army of the Valley[edit]

LTG Jubal A. Early

Breckinridge's Corps[edit]

MG John C. Breckinridge

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Gordon's Division
    MG John B. Gordon

Evans' Brigade

   BG Clement A. Evans (w)
   Col E. N. Atkinson

  • 13th Georgia: Col J. H. Baker (w)
  • 26th Georgia: Col Edmund N. Atkinson, Ltc James S. Blain
  • 31st Georgia: Col John H. Lowe
  • 38th Georgia: Maj Thomas H. Bomar
  • 60th Georgia: Cpt Milton Russell
  • 61st Georgia: Col John H. Lamar (k), Ltc J. D. VanValkenburg (k), Cpt E. F. Sharp
  • 12th Georgia Battalion: Cpt J. W. Anderson
Consolidated Louisiana Brigade

   BG Zebulon York

Hays' Louisiana Brigade: Col William R. Peck

  • 5th Louisiana: Maj Alexander Hart
  • 6th Louisiana: Ltc Joseph Hanlon
  • 7th Louisiana: Ltc Thomas M. Terry
  • 8th Louisiana: Cpt Louis Prados
  • 9th Louisiana, Ltc John J. Hodges (w)

Stafford's Brigade: Col Eugene Waggaman

  • 1st Louisiana: Cpt Joseph Taylor
  • 2nd Louisiana: Ltc Michael A. Grogan
  • 10th Louisiana: Ltc Henry D. Monier
  • 14th Louisiana: Ltc David Zable
  • l5th Louisiana: Cpt H. J. Egan
Terry's Consolidated Virginia Brigade

   BG William Terry

Terry's Brigade: BG William Terry

Stonewall Brigade: Col John H. S. Funk

Jones’ Brigade: Col Robert H. Dungan

Breckinridge's Division
     BG John Echols

Echols' Brigade

   Col George Smith Patton

Wharton's Brigade

   BG Gabriel C. Wharton

Smith's Brigade

   Col Thomas Smith

Vaughn's Brigade

   BG John C. Vaughn

  • 1st Tennessee Cavalry Regiment: Colonel James E. Carter
  • 39th Tennessee Mounted Infantry Regiment: Major Robert McFarland
  • 43rd Tennessee Mounted Infantry Regiment: Captain Jasper N. Aiken
  • 59th Tennessee Mounted Infantry Regiment: Colonel William L. Eakin
  • 12th Tennessee Cavalry Battalion: Major George W. Day
  • 16th Tennessee Cavalry Battalion: Lieutenant Colonel John R.Neal
  • 16th Georgia Cavalry Battalion: Lieutenant Colonel Samuel J. Winn

Rodes' Corps[edit]

MG Robert E. Rodes

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Rodes' Division
    MG Robert E. Rodes

Grimes' Brigade

   BG Bryan Grimes (absent, wounded)

  • 32nd North Carolina
  • 43rd North Carolina
  • 45th North Carolina
  • 53rd North Carolina
  • 2nd North Carolina Battalion
Cooks' Brigade

   BG Philip Cook

  • 4th Georgia
  • 12th Georgia
  • 21st Georgia
  • 44th Georgia
Cox's Brigade

   BG William Ruffin Cox

  • 1st North Carolina: Col Hamilton M. Brown
  • 2nd North Carolina: Col J. P. Cobb
  • 3rd North Carolina: Col S. D. Thurston
  • 4th North Carolina: Col J. H. Wood
  • 14th North Carolina: Ltc W. A. Johnston
  • 30th North Carolina: Col F. M. Parker
Battle's Brigade

   Col Samuel B. Pickens

  • 3rd Alabama
  • 5th Alabama: Ltc E. L. Hobson
  • 6th Alabama
  • 12th Alabama
  • 61st Alabama

Ramseur's Division
     MG Stephen D. Ramseur

Lilley's Brigade

   BG Robert D. Lilley

Johnston's Brigade

   BG Robert D. Johnston

Lewis' Brigade

   BG William G. Lewis

  • 6th North Carolina: Ltc S. M. Tate
  • 21st North Carolina: Maj William J. Pfohl
  • 54th North Carolina: Ltc Anderson Ellis
  • 57th North Carolina: Col Archibald C. Goodwin

Artillery Reserve[edit]

Chief of Artillery: BG Armistead L. Long

Division Battalion Battery and Others

Artillery Division
    Ltc J. Floyd King

Nelson's Battalion

   Ltc William Nelson

  • Milledge's (Georgia) Battery: Cpt John Milledge
  • Amhurst (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt Thomas J. Kirkpatrick
  • Fluvanna (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt John L. Massie
Braxton's Battalion

   Ltc Carter Braxton

  • Allegheny (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt John C. Carpenter
  • Stafford (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt Raleigh L. Cooper
  • Lee (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt W. W. Hardwicke
McLaughlin's Battalion

   Maj William McLaughlin

  • Lewisburg (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt Thomas A. Bryan
  • Wise Legion Artillery: Cpt W. M. Lowry
  • Monroe (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt George B. Chapman


MG Robert Ransom

Brigade Regiment and Other
McCausland's Brigade

   BG John McCausland

Johnson's Brigade

   BG Bradley Tyler Johnson

Imboden's Brigade

   BG John D. Imboden
   Col George Smith