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block diagram of a monocline
The Grandview-Phantom Monocline in the Grand Canyon, Arizona
Monocline formed at tip of small thrust fault, Brims Ness, Caithness, Scotland

A monocline (or, rarely, a monoform) is a step-like fold in rock strata consisting of a zone of steeper dip within an otherwise horizontal or gently-dipping sequence.


Possible modes of formation of monoclines

Monoclines may be formed in several different ways (see diagram)

  • By differential compaction over an underlying structure, particularly a large fault at the edge of a basin due to the greater compactibility of the basin fill, the amplitude of the fold will die out gradually upwards.[1]
  • By mild reactivation of an earlier extensional fault during a phase of inversion causing folding in the overlying sequence.[2]
  • As a form of fault propagation fold during upward propagation of an extensional fault in basement into an overlying cover sequence.[3]
  • As a form of fault propagation fold during upward propagation of a reverse fault in basement into an overlying cover sequence.[4]


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