Southern red-sided opossum

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Southern red-sided opossum[1]
Scientific classification
M. sorex
Binomial name
Monodelphis sorex
(Hensel, 1872)
Hensel's Short-tailed Opossum area.png
Southern red-sided opossum range

The Southern red-sided opossum (Monodelphis sorex) is an opossum species from South America. It is found in Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay.

This opossum has small rounded ears, a long pointed nose and a tail which is half as long as its body. The head, neck and foreparts are grey, the back is dark brown and the rump is reddish. It has short fur and the males are larger than the females. It is terrestrial and mainly feeds on insects, although it will also eat small vertebrates and fruit. Unlike most marsupials, the female has no pouch for the developing young. They cling to the mother’s nipples and when they are older, ride on her back and flanks.[3]

It is also called the shrewish short-tailed opossum, or dwarf short-tailed opossum.[4]


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