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Monolit (band)
Origin Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Genres Metal
Years active 1988–present
Labels One Records, Mighty Monster Records
Members Predrag Glogovac
Slobodan Ernjakovic
Past members Zlatko Mehic (deceased)
Marin Bago
Drazan Nastic
Sasa Kapor

Monolit (band) is a metal band from Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, formed in 1988. It was founded by Predrag Glogovac, Zlatko Mehic, Slobodan Ernjakovic and Marin Bago. The band is also known as one of pioneering thrash metal bands in former Yugoslavia.


Although a band by the name Monolit existed in the mid 1980s, and even had some demo recordings, that formation was disbanded due to creative differences.

Monolit was formed in 1988, in Mostar by Predrag Glogovac, Zlatko Mehic, Slobodan Ernjakovic and Marin Bago. This same year they recorded the first three-song demo that got a good reception amongst both fans and critics[citation needed]. In 1990, they recorded the second three-song demo, although it was a slight departure from earlier works that were characterized by heavier direction. But the new sound was welcomed throughout Yugoslavia in all the important music magazines[citation needed] In addition, the band expanded their fan base, which culminated with few big live shows around the country.

In 1991 they had their first album's worth of material recorded, and they played in the Sarajevo at the biggest metal festival in former Yugoslavia, in front of 2,500 fans[citation needed]. By 1992, the social and political landscape had altered and, upon their first meeting since the civil war in 2006, two band members paid a tribute to a lost friend. They recorded "Kletva", in a memory of the band's drummer and the founding member, Zlatko Mehic (Zuba), who had died in the war in 1993.

Later, the decision was made for the band to continue on, even though Predrag is in Norway, and Slobodan in Canada. Monolit released its first album, Arcana Balkanica, in 2008, a collection of old and new songs, and they are currently finished their second release Deimos Tapes. Although not new material, this is rather songs recorded in period from 88-92 re-mastered with 2 newly recorded songs as bonus.

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  • Arcana Balkanica (2008)
  • Deimos Tapes (2012)


  • Demo (3 tracks) (1988)
  • Demo (3 tracks) (1990)


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