Monopoly City

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This article is about the board game. For the online version, see Monopoly City Streets.
Monopoly City
Publisher(s) Hasbro
Parker Brothers
Players 2–6
Setup time 5–10 minutes
Playing time 60–240 minutes (1–4 hours) [average]
Random chance High (dice rolling, card drawing)
Skill(s) required Negotiation, Resource management

Monopoly City is a spin-off of the original Monopoly board game. It was released by Hasbro in 2009, making its first public appearance at the Nuremberg International Toy Fair. It was named 'Game of the Year 2009' by the British Toy and Hobby association [1] at the 57th London Toy Fair.[2] Gameplay is similar to, but more complex than, the original Monopoly.

As of Jan. 1, 2016, the game holds a 5.80 rating on board-game review site BoardGameGeek. [3]


The game creates diversified experience where the player can win without owning a Monopoly. The game includes new building types such as parks, water towers, wind farms, schools, prisons, sewage plants, trash dumps, and power plants. The complete game set includes the gameboard, 6 movers, 80 buildings, district cards, 25 chance cards, 6 reminder cards, 1 rent dodge card, 2 dice, money pack and trading units.


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