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This article is about the French Monoprix retail chain. For the Tunisian chain, see Monoprix (Tunisia).
A Monoprix location, which is the former head office of the Félix Potin company, in Paris
A Monop' location in Paris

Monoprix S.A. (French pronunciation: ​[mɔnɔpʁi]) is a major French retail chain with its headquarters in Clichy, Hauts-de-Seine, France, near Paris.[1] The company's stores combine food retailing with hardware, clothing, household items and gifts.

It was a joint subsidiary of the Casino Group and Groupe Galeries Lafayette, with both partners holding 50% of the company each from 2000, until June 2012 when Casino acquired Galeries Lafayette's stake.[2] The Monoprix group had more than 300 stores and employed around 20,000 people in France at the end of 2008.[3] It is considered an up-scale chain and its business model was the inspiration for Waitrose in the early 2000s[citation needed]. Monoprix is present in approximately 85% of all French towns with a population of more than 50,000.[3] In 2005, Monoprix had €3.3 billion in revenue.[3]

The closest comparison to Monoprix for American and British customers might be the old-style Woolco /Woolworths stores in both countries, which combined Woolworth's non-food range with a supermarket offering, or the Fred Meyer chain in the United States' Pacific Northwest.

In 1997, Monoprix purchased its main rival, the Prisunic chain.

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