Monorails in Japan

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Here is a list of monorails in Japan.

Currently operational[edit]


Other monorails[edit]

  • Slope cars are small automated monorails found in the various parts of Japan. Unlike the monorails above, slope cars are not legally considered as railways. Similar concepts include Raxcars and Monoriders.
  • There are also small industrial monorails used in various places, most notably in steep orchards, especially of mikan citrus. [1] The first of its kind was invented in 1966.
  • Vista liner is another type of monorail which is not legally a railway. The system is smaller than ordinary monorails, but larger than slope cars. Vista liners can be typically seen in amusement parks, such as Expo Land.

Automated guideway transits[edit]

Strictly speaking, these lines are not monorails, though they resemble one at first glance. The rail in the center of the track serve only to guide the train, not support it, so they don't qualify as monorails.

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