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Specialty medical genetics
ICD-10 Q55.0
ICD-9-CM 752.89

Monorchism (also monorchidism) is the state of having only one testicle within the scrotum.


This can be due to:

  • One testicle not descending into the scrotum during normal embryonic or fetal development (3–4% of 'normal' live births), also known as undescended testis or cryptorchidism. In this case the testis is within the abdominal cavity, somewhere along the normal route of descent – most commonly, within the inguinal canal. Such a testis has an increased risk of malignancy.
  • One testicle may disappear during development (the so-called vanishing testis) due to some intrauterine insult. This is thought to be most likely vascular, such as testicular torsion.
  • One testicle may have been surgically removed through orchiectomy.
  • One testicle may be injured.

Notable cases[edit]

Due to testicular cancer[edit]

Due to injury[edit]

Due to cryptorchidism[17][better source needed][edit]


  • Adolf Hitler (Allegedly), Sources from historians vary on the topic of Hitler's monorchism. Sources vary from Hitler being shot in the groin by a French Soldier during the battle of the somme to it being a birth defect. The truth as to why Hitler may or may not have only had a singular testicle, will be unlikely known, due to the fact that he was cremated after his apparent suicide.

Monorchism in nonhuman animals[edit]

Although extremely rare, monorchism has been observed to be characteristic of some animal species, notably in beetles.[20]


An individual having monorchism can be referred to as monorchid.

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