Monoville, California

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Monoville is a former settlement in Mono County, California.[1] It was located about 12 miles (19 km) south-southeast of Bridgeport.[1]

In 1859, gold was discovered at Monoville.[1] A conduit was constructed to divert water from Virginia Creek to aid hydraulic mining operations.[1] This canal, termed the Mono Canal, was at its time the only such project in the county, and cost $75,000 to build.[2]

A post office operated at Monoville from 1859 to 1862.[1] At its peak, Monoville had a population over 1,000.[2] By 1868, however, the town was abandoned and such buildings as remained were in ruins by neglect and lack or repair after heavy snowfalls.[2]

Notable residents[edit]


Coordinates: 38°12′35″N 119°10′34″W / 38.20972°N 119.17611°W / 38.20972; -119.17611